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Winter 2022/ Spring 2023

Winter/Spring Segment Starts November 7th 2022 until April 15th 2023

Trainings are held at the Sandbar in SLC

Benefits of PBU DEV:

  • AVP Silver Membership reimbursed

  • Gear

  • Personal workout program

  • Internal rankings for cash prizes and bonuses at the end of the segment 

  • Training camps 

  • Activities & events 

  • Inter-squad tournaments 

  • Sponsorship opportunities & Product Sponsorships

Men's Dev Team: About

Men's Groups


Developmental Squad Part-Time

A/AA/Open Level Training  @ The Sandbar in SLC
T or TH 6-8 AM

*Billed every 7th of the month*


Developmental Squad Full-Time

A/AA/Open Level Training @ The Sandbar in SLC  T & TH 6-8 AM

*Billed every 7th of the month*



Drop-In to any class! Your drop-in fee will be credited to your monthly if you end up deciding to join!


Men's Dev Team: Features
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