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What is the Dev Program?

In order to create successful professional beach volleyball players in Utah it is essential that the competition within Utah is high. This program has been created to help grow the sport within Utah and give people the opportunity to chase their dream.

The Dev program gets extremely affordable training and amenities geared towards helping them improve their skills and develop the knowledge needed to play at the next level. 

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Developmental Programs

Benefits of joining PBU

Developmental Programs: List

Training & Feedback from an Olympian

Becoming a part of PBU grants you access to the highest levels of training that can be found in Utah. Athletes receive direct feedback and video analysis from Olympian Cristine Sant'Anna as well as a professional training programming and schedule. Each training group is coached by a high level player/coach, some as high as the professional level.

Weight Lifting Program

Our Personal Trainer Danny Arnold has worked with numerous athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and many more. Danny works closely with our Head Coach Cris to come up with the best possible strength and conditioning plan for our athletes during on and off-seasons. We offer the workouts to be completed individually as well as completing the workouts as a team on practice off-days.

Sports Psychology

Every Athlete that's a part of our Developmental groups gets access to our sports psychologist online course as well as individual meetings with Dr. J, our licensed sports psychologist. Dr. focuses on self talk, confidence, and developing your brain into a high performing athlete.

Team Gear

We love to keep our teams swagged out! Buying things for practice is an extra cost that athletes always have that we try to mitigate. We also love to promote a team culture and we can do this by providing matching gear and uniforms!

Internal Ranking System

Each segment there is an internal ranking system where every athlete can earn points by completing different tasks and reaching different milestones throughout training. By the end of the segment the top athletes have the chance to win prizes, cash bonuses, and more based on their ranking.

Inter-squad tournaments

Every month we will offer an inter-squad tournament where all the athletes play against each other within the program. This offers a fun way to compete and work on all the things they learned during practices whether its off-season or on-season and quenching the desire to compete without breaking the bank.

Training Camps

During the training segments we like to provide an out-of-state training camp with travel, lodging, and snack/lunch covered to places like California, St. George, and Mexico. Each training camp provided will be lead by Olympic caliber and extremely successful professional beach volleyball coaches.

Team Activities

We love to provide a fun team environment within our programs. We host holiday parties, events, birthdays, end of the year banquets and more to help promote unity within our organization.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Throughout the season PBU will be sponsoring certain tournament entry fees and providing other sponsorship opportunities. Our athletes will receive free product, gear, and more from different corporate partners to help build their own influence and brand within the athletic sponsorship space.

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