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Policies at Project Beach Utah

Cancellation & Refund Policies

At Project Beach Utah, we’re dedicated to giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable experience. Take a look at our store policies detailed below to learn more, and reach out today with any questions.

Company Policies: Store Policies

Monthly Membership:

  1. Memberships are prepaid and are month to month. Memberships in good standing automatically renew at the end of the 30-day membership cycle.​

  2. The membership cycle begins the first day of the training segment and auto renews every 30 days provided the member is in good standing and does not owe a balance.

    • Members can prepay for annual, 5-month or 3-month membership cycles. These membership default to renew every 30 days at the end of the prepaid cycles provided the member is in good standing and does not owe a balance.

  3. Memberships do not automatically cancel due to inactivity. Members must provide ample notice to stop their membership from automatically renewing.

  4. It is the responsibility of the member to bring any billing discrepancies to the PBU's attention within 60 days after they first appear on financial statements. After 60 days, the member’s right to dispute any discrepancies is waived.

  5. No refunds are given on monthly memberships.  Please cancel by the 25th of the month to avoid being charged for the following month.

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Drop-In Classes:

Full refunds will be given to participants for a class that is cancelled and to those who withdraw from a class with a minimum of 48 hours notice in advance of the scheduled start date. No refunds will be given to participants who withdraw from courses within 24 hours of or after the scheduled start date except for documented medical conditions.

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No refunds for clinics as there are limited spots available in each clinic. If you wish to find someone else to take your place you are free to do so.

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